Several patent images showing a new Acura sportscar have surfaced the Internet.

The identity of the vehicle is not known at this point, but judging by the fact that it has cameras instead of conventional side mirrors this is a forthcoming concept likely to be shown at a major auto show. In terms of design, it resembles the second generation NSX and seems to have a mid-engine layout while the rear end hosts a massive diffuser.

That black roof could be detachable and this might be a sign of a concept previewing an NSX Roadster although it's too early for that as deliveries of the coupe haven't even started yet. Whatever it is, the patent images were registered on May 27 with the U.S. Patent Office and judging by the overall styling the concept will use the Acura badge. If it will be labeled as a Honda, this might serve as a sneak preview for an S2000 successor.

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