For the last month or so, Lamborghini has added some space-age teasers with its usual parade of supercars on social media. In this instance, space-age takes on a literal meaning, as the objects in question have actually been in space. Will these items be offered on an extremely special version of the Aventador or Huracan? In a word, no. It's all part of an NFT project that will give buyers of these items some special artwork. Wait, what?

Say hello to the Lamborghini Space Key. In short, these are five pieces of carbon fiber that went to the International Space Station in 2019, where they were used in some kind of joint research project. Lamborghini was involved, but the supercar company doesn't mention details of the research. In any case, the carbon fiber came back to Lamborghini, which added QR codes to five squares, each linking to an NFT. For those trying to remember what NFT stands for, it's a non-fungible token: basically, an identifying fingerprint for digital media, proving it's the original version.

Gallery: Lamborghini Space Key

The nature of the digital media tied to these Lambo NFTs isn't yet known. We're told additional information is forthcoming, including what kind of unique art is at play and the name of the artist behind it. We'll also eventually get information on the auction house selling these items, because of course they'll be available for purchase. They connect to the current NFT trend and they've been in space, so we'll be very interested to learn about the digital art these "keys" unlock.

"Innovation is a deeply rooted part of the Lamborghini DNA," Said Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann. "As a leading company for carbon fiber composite materials within the automotive sector, we pushed boundaries two and a half years ago with the joint research project in space. Now entering the metaverse is again proof of Lamborghini always setting sail for new horizons. The NFT world has been calling to us, and we are excited about engaging with this very passionate and innovative community."

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