Here is our first glimpse inside the Ford Bronco Raptor. The photos show off the instruments, infotainment screen, center stack, and console.

The steering wheel appears to have a thicker rim, and there are big paddle shifters behind it, which the existing Bronco doesn't have. A digital instrument cluster is visible in these photos, and the tachometer seems to have a redline at around 6,000 rpm. The current SUV has an analog speedometer in this location.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Raptor Interior Spy Shots

Red accents add a sporty look to the cabin. They appear in the center of the vents and on the drivetrain controller, in addition to the stitching on the steering wheel and gearshift boot. There are probably more than aren't visible in these spy shots.

The photos of the outside of this Bronco Raptor show what's now the familiar shape for the meaner SUV. The engineers don't bother to camouflage the front bumper, A-pillars, or roof. The fenders continue to look cartoonishly massive. The ride height is quite a bit taller, too. The setup looks very capable of off-road work.

If you look closely, this Bronco rides on BF Goodrich AT All Terrain T/A tires. Unfortunately, the photo resolution isn't quite high enough to read the size on the sidewall clearly.

Leaked info from Ford's order system indicates that the Bronco Raptor might be available with an optional Warthog package. The only info about it is that the equipment includes vinyl seats.

There are no powertrain details about the Bronco Raptor yet. Its debut date is also a mystery. All of the info available so far points to the meaner SUV being on sale later in 2022.

Based on all of the spy shots and videos so far, the model is only going to be available as a four-door. There's nothing suggesting a two-door variant is happening.

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