In some parts of the world, winter temperatures get cold enough to create literal ice roads for driving. Even in the best circumstances, this can be a risky endeavor, but it's safe to say zooming down a frozen river in southeast Ontario behind the wheel of a Scion tC is far from best. As for taking a selfie when the inevitable happens? That's in a completely different universe from best.

And yet, we have this report from CTV News in Ottawa of a person doing these things exactly, complete with video footage of a yellow Scion passing people and kids at speeds estimated near 40 mph before the crash. It happened approximately 4:30 p.m. local time on January 16 in the town of Manotick, about 15 miles south of Ottawa.


Witnesses saw the tC driving down the Rideau River, eventually entering a narrow section where the ice was thin. The car broke through, the driver climbed onto the roof, and with apparently nothing better to do, decided to take a selfie on the car ... as it sank.


According to the report, the driver is an unidentified female who was charged with a single count of dangerous driving. There's no mention of the fine associated with that, or any costs for getting the car out of the river. She was rescued by local residents thanks to a kayak, rope, and some quick thinking, but the bizarre story doesn't end there. One witness claims the woman said she was just out having fun, and that she'd "totally do that again." Call us crazy, but crashing a car through ice and narrowly escaping doesn't sound like something we'd want to repeat.

It probably goes without saying that you should absolutely not try such things at home. That's especially true on rivers where faster currents typically mean thinner ice compared to larger lakes.

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