Roll cages are primarily used in motorsport to protect the occupant (or occupants) from injuries in case of rollovers. But some folks in Russia want to bring a whole new meaning to the design of roll cages.

You've guessed it right. We're talking about our favorite Russians from Garage54, and their latest experiment involves another Lada and a roll cage to allow the vehicle to flip over. It's a weird contraption just like any other Garage54 experiment but it sure does look a lot of fun.

First, the Lada. The Russian scientists chopped the vehicle to shorten its wheelbase, plus the ground clearance has been raised to make the Lada look like a stubby coupe. The interior has been stripped off as well, leaving the driver with essentials like a seat with a harness, a steering wheel, and other electrical stuff. There isn't a windshield for obvious reasons, but at least there's a speedometer placed at an odd position.

As for the roll cage, these guys made one out of steel and welded it outside the vehicle, as opposed to the typical in-cabin construction. Looks weird but that's normal for these guys. The goal was to flip the Lada to a complete 360-degree forward roll, so the steel cage was designed to do just that.

The initial work involved hard labor from the crew, flipping the Lada manually so the driver could have a feel of the stunt before the actual experiment. Then after a few attempts, the scientists were able to complete the stunt, accelerating to a speed and halting abruptly to initiate the flip.

As always, don't try and replicate this bonkers stunt at home. We all know that these guys do these things in the name of science, so let's leave the crazy antics to the professionals.

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