Nostalgia is a powerful thing. After all, bringing up a name from the past stirs up fond memories. Not only that, but nostalgia is also an effective marketing tool. Just look at cars that were revived from the past and see how potential customers engage with them.

Ford is no stranger to the whole nostalgia theme. After all, it was one of the first automakers to embrace the concept of retro-futurism, albeit with varying degrees of success. Ford recently brought back something from the '90s, albeit it's a trim level instead of a model. Back in September 2021, it launched the Ranger Splash and Splash Limited Edition line, reviving a trim level from the '90s.

Gallery: 2022 Ford Ranger Splash Limited Edition

By now, we all know how the standard Splash looks like with its bright orange paint and retro graphics. But what we haven't seen are the Limited Edition colors that Ford said it will show down the line, that is until now. The limited-run colors are the Snow Edition, Forest Edition, and Sand Edition.

The first one for release will be the Snow Edition. Ford targets availability by Spring 2022 and features a color called Avalanche. Inside, it gets black leather seats with Ash Gray accents and carbon weave tuxedo stripes. There are also additional black accents featured throughout the interior. Ford will build just 750 units of the Ranger Splash Snow Edition.

Up next is the Forest Edition with a target availability of Summer 2022. The Forest Edition features Forged Green paint on the body with grey trimmings on the grille with red highlights. Instead of leather seats, this model swaps those out for Ash Grey cloth trim instead. Production for this model is limited to 500 units.

The final model is the Sand Edition, and Ford will put that out by Fall 2022. The interior colors and trims are the same as the Forest Edition. As for the exterior color, Ford calls it Desert Sand and is exclusive to this model. The Sand Edition is limited to 500 units. All Splash Limited Edition models carry an extra $1,495 on top of the standard models.

In some ways, the release of these models serves as a send-off for the current generation. The all-new Ford Ranger premiered last November, with full-scale production to begin by the second quarter of 2022.

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