Henrik Fisker put up a tweet offering a teaser of his automaker's upcoming, electric supercar going through its first aerodynamic and downforce testing. He later deleted the tweet, but a member of the Motor1.com team took a screenshot before the message went away.

Fisker said the vehicle is "in a segment that does not exist today, period." He also indicated the testing "came out amazing."

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The image appears to be from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing. The cloud-like texture shows how air is flowing off the body. Unfortunately, this stuff also conceals a lot, so we can only clearly see small parts of the vehicle's exterior.

The overall aesthetic vaguely reminds us of a muscle car. The front portion of the body's side appears to be smooth, but the rear fenders stick out from the body. The rear deck is flat, and a red strip of brake lights is visible along the top edge. Another stripe like this is on the lower portion of the trunk lid.

The smooth, black roof isn't as angular as the rest of the design. This makes us wonder whether the top might be removable or fold out of the way.

There doesn't seem to be anything about this vehicle that would make it unique in the EV segment, though. Fisker probably still has some secrets to keep about this supercar.

Fisker is currently getting close to bringing the Ocean crossover to production, and it's teasing the Alaska pickup. This vehicle appears to be a grand tourer, which would give the brand something different than the more utilitarian offerings.

Henrik Fisker is well acquainted with creating GTs. He was the design director at Aston Martin in the early 2000s and helped shape the DB9 and V8 Vantage from that period.

A launch date for this vehicle is a complete mystery. We don't even know Fisker's name for it. We'll keep an eye out to see if Henrik drops any more hints.

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