After several images of a Giugiaro-designed Ferrari crossover emerged online, Theophilus Chin decided to imagine a Ferrari FX crossover.

Earlier this week, Corriere della Sera published several images with a F151-badged model designed by Giugiaro during the time when Ferrari was developing the Pininfarina-designed FF all-wheel drive model. Currently part of a private collection, the peculiar vehicle that never saw the light of production day has fueled the imagination of Theophilus Chin who created a digital interpretation of a Ferrari-badged crossover.

While arch enemy Lamborghini recently confirmed to put the Urus concept into production, Ferrari has ruled out building four-door models and crossovers/SUVs as the company doesn't want to stray away from its core philosophy.

Additional images of the Ferrari F151 crossover can be found at the first source link below.

Gallery: Ferrari FX crossover rendered; FF was almost a crossover

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