British magazine Autocar is reporting Porsche is currently developing a "pure" version of the Porsche 911 tentatively known as "GT".

It will be significantly different than the GT3 & GT3 RS duo as the new version will be tailored to maximize feel, response and driver interaction. The report goes on to specify it will adopt a manual gearbox and will use a narrower and less aerodynamic body as seen on the base 911 versions. In addition, it's set to ride on slimmer tires providing less grip while the chassis will be tweaked to offer a "friendly on-limit balance."

Scheduled to come out sometime next year, this new iteration of the 911 is expected to use an adaptation of the normally aspirated six-cylinder 3.8-liter boxer engine in the 911 GT3 even though Porsche is planning to turbocharge the 911 facelift later this year. The name of the car is not known at this moment but apparently this new 911 derivative will target those who value driving pleasure rather than going as fast as possible on a track.

Note: Porsche 911 Black Edition pictured.

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