New Insertable 4x4 system

Ferrari is preparing a facelift for the 612 Scaglietti, which has been on the market since October 2003. The new car will probably adapt the more aggressive look from the 599 GTB Fiorano. On these pictures, taken outside of Maranello, we can already see the bigger air intakes in the front.

With the facelift of the 612 Scaglietti there will also be a four wheel drive option, which is being tested on this prototype. The test equipment on the front wheels is needed to measure the degree of front wheel slip in order to properly calibrate the computer controlling system how much power is being transferred.

Ferrari has developed a new optional four-wheel drive system called “Insertable 4x4”. The system is made to maximise the performance for Ferraris sport cars under all conditions and will work for both mid-engine cars as well as for front-engine cars.

According to Ferrari the new system is based on the traditional RWD layout, with the second pair of wheels selectively connected via their new insertable transmission system.

Instead of being an all time four-wheel drive system it should rather be viewed as a means of traction control. The all-wheel drive will only interfere when the rear wheels loose traction, and if the option to have the all-wheel drive engaged is switched on.

The systems will only reduce drive train efficiency when they are in use, unlike the system used by Lamborghini. Furthermore, it will ensure that the new breed of Ferraris will have superb handling characteristics in all weather condition, with minimal understeering and oversteering.

The photos are showing a 4x4 prototype.

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