We are usually a little reserved about heavy modifications to iconic models from the past. We like to see these classics in fully original shape and in the best possible condition. But every rule has an exemption, and in this case, this exemption comes in the form of a seriously modified first-generation BMW 8 Series.

The Driving Cody channel on YouTube - a slightly underrated hub with videos of custom cars of all types - has a new clip detailing a widebody 850Ci. At a glance, it may look a bit overdone, but you’ll eventually begin to like it. At least, this is what happened to us when we first saw the car from the video.

The 850Ci, as you probably know, was produced in a limited run of about 1,250 examples and one of these relatively rare cars was turned into a widebody monster by its new owner. In the video, he explains he basically wanted to build the first widebody 850Ci in the world, and while we don't know whether that’s indeed the case, we have to admit the quality of his project is great.

Usually, a widebody mod includes rubber sealing between the new and original body panels but this car doesn’t have such. The fit and finish are of near factory quality and all the panel gaps look even and precise. The interior looks almost completely original, though there are small tweaks like the custom steering wheel and cup holders and the red leather, which make all the difference.

One thing we’d probably change in this car is the transmission, though. This 850Ci has an automatic gearbox and being produced in 1996 probably means it’s the newer five-speed automatic. Sure, it’s good for everyday driving, but when you have this aggressive stance and motorsport-inspired livery, you have to match them with a better performance.

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