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The Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 supercar GT will debut on January 27 at 17:00 GMT (12:00 PM ET). At this time, the company isn't revealing many other details about the new model, but the teaser video (below) shows the vehicle's badge.

Gordon Murray Automotive will build the T.33 at its new global headquarters and technology campus in Windlesham, Surrey, England. The site will include locations for vehicle design, development, a test track, and a heritage center. It will also handle customer sales and service.

"I am confident that both our new Supercar and our new home will be game-changers in the UK automotive industry. We will have many important milestones for our HQ over the next two years. But one of the most important will be on 27 January when we reveal the first Gordon Murray Automotive vehicle to be manufactured there," Gordon Murray said.


The T.33 will slot below the T.50 in the Gordon Murray Automotive lineup. Murray tells Top Gear that the new model uses a different version of the Cosworth-designed, 4.0-liter V12 from the range-topping model. Buyers can select a manual or an automatic gearbox.

The T.33's platform also differs from the T.50 by using Murray's iStream Carbon process. It uses two carbon skins between a honeycomb core that is far faster to produce than the traditional methods. The production innovation debuted on the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept from 2015.

While the T.50 is like the Murray's earlier McLaren F1 by putting the driver in the middle and having a seat on each side, the T.33 would be a traditional two-seater.

Everything else about the T.33 is a complete mystery. Presumably, the price would undercut the £2.36-million cost of the T.50, of which the company is only building 100 units. There are also 25 examples of the track-focused T.50s Niki Lauda on the way.

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