We continue our coverage of so-called zombie cars with Chevrolet and two of its long-defunct models that were quite popular considering that production ended back in 2020. Without further ado, the Impala still somehow managed to generate 750 sales last year, albeit demand saw a steep decline in Q4 when only nine were sold.

Nevertheless, 750 is a surprisingly high number when you take into consideration the fullsize sedan left the assembly line nearly two years ago. Indeed, General Motors produced the final Impala precisely on February 27, 2020, after 10 generations and a lifespan of over 60 years.

The big family saloon was built at GM's Detroit-Hamtramck, now redubbed Factory Zero to exclusively make EVs. The GMC Hummer EV pickup is now in production, with the SUV equivalent due early next year. Also coming in 2023 from the same factory will be the Chevy Silverado EV unveiled yesterday in Las Vegas during CES.

Chevy Sonic

As for the other dead-but-alive model sold by Chevy last year, it's the Sonic hatchback and sedan duo. The subcompact model found no fewer than 1,581 new homes in 2021, but as was the case with the Impala, sales dramatically dropped in Q4. Just 18 of them were picked up in the year that just passed. Curious to know when GM built the last Sonic? The Lake Orion plant in Michigan concluded production of the vehicle on October 19, 2020.

Ok, the Sonic is less of a zombie car than the older Impala, but we're still somewhat surprised Chevy had so many of them lying around. 2021 was far from being a normal year in the automotive industry as the microchip shortage wreaked havoc on new car sales. Not only that, demand for used vehicles rose, prompting sellers to jack up the asking prices to make a tidy profit. It's unclear whether either of these two cars was sold at MSRP or at a premium. Perhaps some customers were lucky enough to even get a discount?

Even though crossovers are all the rage these days in the United States where regular cars are mostly dead, there are still quite a few people not willing to hop on the SUV bandwagon. Buying a final model year is seen as a smart move by budget-conscious folks since the automaker usually works out all the kinks towards the end of the product's life cycle.

As a final note, GM's 2021 sales chart shows a single GMC Hummer EV pickup truck was delivered last year.

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