Owners of vehicles with fabric convertible tops are well acquainted with the battle against inclement weather. In an ideal motoring world, it would always be sunny and warm so we could enjoy open-air motoring. In the real world, we get blizzards in colder regions, and well, sometimes it just isn't fun.

To be clear, the source of these eye-opening photos isn't attacking Ford or his new Bronco. Tyrone Raddi shared a few images of his snow-bound Bronco in the Bronco 6th Gen Facebook group, after it weathered a blizzard with 50-mph winds in the small Canadian town of Tuktoyaktuk, located about as far north in Canada's Northwest Territories as one can drive.

In a message to Motor1.com, he explained that the Bronco is already thawed out, cleaned, and back on the street. But he does wonder if there's a sealing issue with his Bronco's soft top.

Ford Bronco Interior Filled With Snow

To be fair, Tuktoyaktuk is a location where one might experience some extreme winter weather. Located on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, the average high temperature through December and January is below zero Fahrenheit. And according to Raddi, the permafrost in the area makes it difficult to maintain garages since the ground shifts, causing the doors to misalign. As such, most vehicles sit outside in the elements, and as the photos show, the elements are sometimes rather brutal.

Ford Bronco Interior Filled With Snow

Raddi told Motor1.com that the soft top has never been fully removed. He undid two latches back in August but never opened it up completely. He also says there is no damage on the top, and that the Bronco was secured with the windows up and top fastened when the Blizzard came through. Apparently, the wind-whipped snow simply found a way inside. A lot of it, by the looks of things.

We can't embed the Facebook post here since it's in a group, but you can view it at the source link below. Many commenters come to Ford's defense, pointing out the extreme weather conditions as being an issue for any soft-top vehicle. Raddi at least wonders if there's a problem with his Bronco, and if there's a broader sealing issue with the soft top in general.

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