Year of writing about cars, we've seen a lot of peculiar vehicles out there. Either created just for fun or for "scientific" purposes, these weird machines never fail to blow our minds. Add this one from Alaska to that list – though it actually makes sense when you get to know it better.

So, the video above showcases a truck but as we've already established, it isn't an ordinary truck. It has a bare frame up front, while the cab is found at the rear. It's confusing to look at and upon digging deeper, we discovered that it's actually a purpose-built vehicle.

This customized truck is used to launch and move seaplanes. If you're wondering how wheel-less flying machines get into a body of water, these trucks do the trick. The bare frame actually has hydraulic parts to latches onto the plane's frame, allowing the truck to tow, push, and haul the winged people-mover around. You can see the truck in action in the video embedded right above.

Given the towing capabilities of almost all trucks, converting them into a seaplane launcher just makes loads of sense. Cutting off the bed reduces a substantial amount of weight while keeping the power from its presumed stock engine.

That said, these weird-looking trucks are common in places like Alaska where seaplanes are popular. Whether or not they're highway-legal is beyond us, but we can wager that they aren't.

At least that one's out of the way; a bizarre vehicle that actually has a purpose. Hope we could say the same about this tire-smoking, backward F-150 and the 14-wheeled Lada from Russia. But hey, it's hard to discount fun in various forms, right?

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