For those who just returned from a round-trip space journey to the center of the galaxy, the new Ford Bronco is insanely popular. The rest of us – okay, all of us – already know that, and we also know that selling prices can reach well above the manufacturer-suggested figure printed on window stickers. What we didn't know was that a lot of buyers are just waltzing in with cash and leaving with a Bronco. No financing, no trade-in, no problem.

It seems demand for the reborn Bronco is that strong, according to a recent article from the Detroit Free Press which includes conversations with several Ford dealerships. Regardless of location, the general consensus appears the same. Buyers coming into showrooms are typically well-off with enough spare change to just write a check for a vehicle they want, despite already having two or more vehicles at home. One dealership reportedly said most Bronco sales have gone that way, while another said most transactions were either with a straight-up check, or a Jeep trade-in.

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It's important to note, however, that the article emphasizes more cash sales than anything else. One dealership stated upwards of 80 percent of Bronco sales didn't have trade-ins. There also seems to be a certain measure of numbness to sticker shock, and it's not just related to dealerships. One location told the Detroit Free Press it sold a Bronco First Edition For $104,000 in just three days, but another dealership in Texas said they knew of people buying Broncos at MSRP and flipping them for a quick profit. We've certainly seen that play out on eBay since the first Broncos reached dealerships.

As for Ford proper, the company says demand continues to be strong. In August, the automaker said 70 percent of new Bronco owners were also new to Ford. Perhaps that's why official pricing is up slightly across most Bronco trim levels for 2022, including a modest $800 increase for the Base two-door model. With destination included, that means the Bronco no longer starts under $30,000. But with so many buyers ready to pay cash without blinking at markups, finding one actually selling at sticker could be tricky for a while longer.

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