A recent trademark filing hints at a potential new model coming from Acura. The ADX moniker, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, was unearthed by Car and Driver and could be indicative of a brand new utility coming from the Japanese luxury brand. There’s not much information about what to expect from this new SUV, but there are two theories.

Our source claims ADX could be given to Acura’s all-electric crossover, which will be based on a platform shared with General Motors. This electric vehicle will also be manufactured by the American automaker, though it will feature a distinctive Acura design and interior. Underneath the skin, however, it will be nearly identical to some of GM’s upcoming EVs.

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Alternatively, Acura could receive a new SUV based on the next-generation Honda CR-V that the automaker is currently developing for North America. We haven’t heard information supporting this theory, which also means Honda could be just trying to prevent other automakers from using the ADX name in the future. As a side note, Honda’s version of the GM-based electric SUV will wear the Prologue name.

Acura is probably going to unveil the name of its electric SUV relatively soon. We know it will ride on GM’s Ultium architecture and will be launched in 2024 to become the brand’s first mass-production electric vehicle. The Japanese firm will skip the hybridization phase and will instead invest heavily in becoming an EV-focused marque. By 2030, the automaker wants to have at least half of its total sales to be electric vehicles.

"We're going to bypass hybrids altogether. So our shift is going very rapidly into BEV. That's our main focus," Emile Korkor, assistant vice president of Acura national sales, admitted in a recent interview.

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