Are you tired of shoveling snow on your driveway? Sure you could hire out to a contractor or even have children who can help when they come of age, or you can purchase a robot. That’s right, soon the world will be filled with robotic snowblowers who will keep your driveway clear of snow while you sit inside drinking hot chocolate. Robotic snowblowers are in the early stages of development, but based on information from Snowbol and their Snowbot S1 things are looking very promising.

Snow management on your property is a taxing task. Even if you have a snowblower you still need to head outside into the cold to operate it. If you decide to hire out this task, I hope you’re ready to wait. Companies that specialize in snow removal have a very long list of customers and it will take quite a while until your home is dug out.

That’s where the all-new Snowbot S1 comes into play. This snow removal friend lives at your house and like a loyal dog, it will do whatever you ask of it, as long as it has enough charge, and falls within the agreed upon boundary area. The S1 features 1.5 hours of run time and can handle up to 12.0-inches of snow in a single pass. This single-stage style snow blower uses a clever algorithm to plan exactly where it should throw the snow to clear your driveway.

There’s no boundary wire here, instead, the Snowbot S1 uses a unique set of terminals, According to Snowbol, “Snowbot’s navigation system is composed of 4 UWB (Ultra Wideband) positioning terminals (3 as signal sender and 1 as receiver). By creating countless waypoints in the snow removal area, it achieves centimeter-level accuracy on maintaining the path.”

Based on the video footage, the Snowbot S1 certainly knows how to efficiently clear a driveway of snow. If you think this robot ally would be a good fit for your home Snowbol is in the process of getting beta testers to use the Snowbot S1 so be sure to sign up.

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