When it comes to car lovers young or old, you can never go wrong with Hot Wheels. That's especially true around the holidays; the only thing better than unwrapping new Hot Wheels gear is playing with it all in grand fashion. And friends, we struggle to find a Hot Wheels track grander than this backyard bonanza of orange and blue. It literally takes the action to new heights.

Behold the Hot Wheels Treetop Track, courtesy of Backyard Racing on YouTube. Epic is an overused term these days, but considering this track reaches over 30 feet in the air and takes a full three minutes to complete, we'd say epic is well-earned here. Yes, the track tops out at 30 feet, ultimately reaching above the roof of the nearby house. In fact, the track comes down to run on the roof for a little while. But what makes this insane track really cool is, it doesn't start from up-high.

Hot Wheels Treetop Track
Hot Wheels Treetop Track

After a minute or so of racing at ground level (under the watchful eye of a happy pup) a mini sky lift operated by a fishing reel and a cordless drill takes the car to the treetops. From there, the car banks, jumps, and loops among the leaves and branches before cascading back down to finish the lap over two large kid pools filled with water. Through it all, we see everything from funny signs to army guys guarding the track, tunnels, jumps, neat sculptures, a construction zone, and the occasional Lego guy overseeing the action.

As previously mentioned, one lap takes just over three minutes but the eight-minute video offers two perspectives. It opens with a first-person real-time view of the car completing the entire course, which feels not unlike a wild roller coaster ride. The second half of the video shows the car tacking the course from multiple camera angles, allowing us to see details of the track as well as the clever sky lift.

The video description says this track took a full month to build, and we are thoroughly impressed with the end result. Young or old, we can't imagine anyone watching this clip and not immediately wanting to set up a track of their own. We certainly hope to see more from this YouTuber in the future.

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