It's not as if the Ford Bronco is hurting for accessories, but what about just buying one with the neat stuff already installed? That's the premise for the Ford Bronco Everglades, which was officially announced in October 2021 but has yet to be revealed. New spy shots offer an unofficial reveal, as we see an Everglades prototype wearing just a simple camouflage wrap.

In fact, these images catch the same prototype we saw last week through Bronco Nation. However, this time around we have 20 high-resolution photos that give a more detailed look at the Everglades-specific components. The obvious feature is the snorkel for the engine, mounted neatly on the passenger side A-pillar. Sure, there are plenty of aftermarket options for such an item, but having something made and installed at the factory offers a more finished look.

Gallery: Ford Bronco Everglades New Spy Photos

What else makes this Bronco an Everglades model? It will come from the factory with a standard-issue bumper-mounted Warn winch, and it rides on special 17-inch wheels with 35-inch tires. We also get a good look at the fender flares which will be specific to the Everglades, appearing just a bit narrower with a slightly different shape compared to those from the Sasquatch package. We don't see any other obvious changes that the camouflage wrap could be hiding, be it the hood, sides, or rear.

For that matter, we don't have information yet on powertrain options. We expect Ford will offer the Everglades with the same four-cylinder or EcoBoost V6 choices found in the rest of the lineup. A wild card could be some kind of Bronco Raptor fusion with a higher-output engine compared to the standard trim levels, but not quite Raptor strong. Of course, the Bronco Raptor isn't revealed yet either, so that's just pure speculation.

We know the Bronco Everglades is coming soon. It's already confirmed for a spring 2022 debut, with production kicking off in the summer. That likely means the Bronco Everglades will reach dealers as a 2023 model.

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