For the vast majority of its life, the Ford Mustang was a vehicle relegated to North America. That changed with the current-generation model, but you'll often find variations in features and equipment in different markets. Apparently, some key differences weren't clearly communicated toMustang Mach 1buyers in Australia, and that oversight has left Ford footing a hefty bill.

The issue doesn't involve the car at all. Rather, it involves brochures for the upgraded pony car that allegedly included features not available for models sold in Australia. According to Drive, Ford Australia brochures said the Mach 1 had adaptive cruise control, ambient lighting in the door pockets, LED fog lights, Mach 1 floor mats, rear parking sensors, and the big tamale, the Torsen limited-slip differential. It seems these items are absent on Australia's Mach 1, and in the report, Ford Australia is quoted as apologizing profusely for the mix-up.

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To make it right, the automaker offered Mach 1 buyers a bevy of extras including free scheduled service for three years and a free track day event. That evolved to offering a $5,400 AUD ($4,000 USD) refund per vehicle, or giving buyers the option to return the car for a full refund. Only 700 Mustang Mach 1s were available in Australia, and with everything added up, Ford Australia's compensation plan checks in around $4.5 million AUD, which currently translates to around $3.2 in US currency.

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On top of that, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) levied a fine of $53,280 AUD ($38,240 USD) against the automaker for misleading consumers about Mach 1 features in four different versions of the brochure. Yes, there were reportedly four versions published before the record was finally set straight.

It's not clear why these differences exist between US and Australian-market Mach 1s. But with just 700 available to buyers, we suspect those who have one will be holding onto it despite the missing equipment.

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