In 2017, Pagani introduced its Rinascimento – restoration – program designed to meticulously document and restore its earlier production vehicles. The Italian hypercar is bolstering that operation with its new Puro program designed to certify each Pagani model’s authenticity. However, the new customer service goes beyond the car passing a simple inspection checklist.

The program performs more than 400 checks on the car, certifying the authenticity of each component while documenting its general condition. The program is available to every Pagani car regardless of its model or year. Cars that meet the company’s certification standard can also receive a full warranty extension that covers every individual component of the vehicle.

Once the work is complete, the client receives a “Puro Book” that details the vehicle’s history, specifications, and checks completed under the program. The leather-bound book is designed to stay with the car over its lifetime and, hopefully, help to increase the car’s value at a much later date. The certification process isn’t complete without company founder Horacio Pagani signing off on the car’s certificate of authenticity.

Pagani will use its extensive database to certify the vehicles, which includes a list of the cars’ individual components, serial numbers, photographs, and the names of the machines involved in the vehicle’s construction. That data, along with the company’s meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, allow the company to offer this unique after-sales service to customers. Pagani will offer the service at the company’s headquarters in Italy, though there will be specialized dealer centers stocked with Pagani-certified mechanics who can complete the certification process.

Programs like these aren’t new. Mazda introduced a restoration one for the MX-5 Miata in Japan while Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – now Stellantis – began a factory restoration program for classic Alfas and Fiats. Nissan is producing parts for vintage Skyline models, too. Programs like these and others help companies stay connected while providing a valuable service to many.

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