The Muppet Movie brought the popular puppets to the big screen in 1979. Along with them came a 1951 Studebaker Commander that Fozzie Bear inherited from his uncle, taking Fozzie and Kermit on their adventure. It gained a wild camouflage paint scheme, though it has seen better days. One of the cars used in filming sits at the Studebaker National Museum, and there’s an effort to restore it to its on-screen glory.

The campaign is looking to raise $175,000 for the car’s restoration. So far, GoFundMe shows $3,220 raised. The money will do more than restore its looks while preserving the modifications made for the special effects. The museum plans to restore the vehicle’s mechanical systems, too, though it’s not your typical Studebaker in that regard.

The Muppet Movie used two on-screen “Bullet Nose” Studebakers, with one modified to fit the puppeteers and the puppets in the cabin. However, this meant moving the driver seat to the trunk. This required the car to have a camera installed in the front that fed an image to the driver in the back so they could safely operate the vehicle.

After the movie, the Commander sat in a studio backlot before being gifted to the Studebaker National Museum. The car has fallen far from its former on-screen glory. Much of the car’s wild paint is gone, revealing exposed sheet metal with just a few remaining design remnants. The trunk looks in need of a massive overhaul, though the interior doesn’t look too bad, with tears visible in the seats. We don’t get a good look at it, though.

The museum didn’t provide a timeline for when we could see the Studebaker restored, though it could be a while. In its press release about the restoration project, the museum says that a donation box next to the car for years has collected about $9,000 in donations. Combine that with the GoFundMe campaign, and the museum still has a long way to go.

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