Nissan’s Nismo Heritage program has grown four years after its introduction. It began by offering more than 80 new parts for the R32 Skyline GT-R, which has expanded to 300 parts available for the R32, R33, and R34 models. This month, Nissan is further expanding its offerings with a trio of made-to-order tailpipes and exhaust systems for the three Skyline models.

The three exhaust systems are titanium and use a new black-color DLC (diamond-like coating) on the Nismo-branded finishers. Nissan says the new layer will suppress any color changes from the exhaust heat, though that’s not the only benefit the new systems offer. The new systems also reduce the exhaust pressure, which resulted in Nissan seeing a 7 percent improvement in output, and it reduces weight. The three are about 12.5 kilograms (5.6 pounds) lighter than the original product.

Gallery: Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo Exhaust Systems

Nissan recommends only installing the new exhaust systems on cars with the R3 or R4 engine codes. Nissan doesn’t recommend installing them on S1 or S2-engine cars because of their turbocharger, and the company offered no specifics. The systems for the R32 and R34 are compatible with all the models, while the R33’s system only fits the two-door. The R34 has a price of ¥737,000 ($6,457 at today’s exchange rates), while the piping for the R32 and R34 are cheaper at ¥726,000 ($6,360).

It’s rare for an automaker to support older models like this, but it’s certainly welcomed. Anyone who has owned an older vehicle can understand the difficulty in finding some parts, especially for specific makes and models. Automakers would love everyone to buy the latest and greatest, though not everyone wants to drive something new, so it makes sense for Nissan to support those customers, too. The aftermarket scene is expansive, though it is neat to get new parts from Nissan, too

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