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Nissan has a bevy of customized vehicles ready for this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, like a one-off, retro-inspired example of the new Z. The lineup also includes two Caravan van concepts for people who enjoy the outdoors

The Caravan Mountain Base Concept is ready to support an adventure. The front of the body is black with a rough appearance that looks like pickup bedliner material. A brush bar with LED lamps protects the headlights. An LED light bar is at the front of the roof. The sides of the exterior have a woodgrain wrap.

Gallery: Nissan Caravan Mountain Base And Caravan Myroom Concepts For Tokyo Auto Salon

For supporting an outdoor expedition, there's a deployable solar panel on the roof. More of these panels are on the side windows. It rides on black beadlock wheels with all-terrain tires.

Inside, the floor and walls have wood paneling. One side of the interior has a work table, and there's a bench on the other wall. A digital fireplace provides a neat way to relax without worrying about the cabin going up in smoke from a real fire.

Nissan Caravan Myroom Concepts For Tokyo Auto Salon Interior

There's also the Caravan Myroom Concept with a very cozy cabin (pictured above). The exterior has a subtle wrap depicting mountains, and the lower part of the body appears to be the same rough, black material as on Mountain Base Concept.

The interior gets the majority of the attention. There's a stowable mattress on the floor and a couch against the far wall. There's also a book rack, table, and cupboards for storage. The light gray wood paneling and large windows keep the cabin looking bright.

This year's Tokyo Auto Salon runs from January 14 through 16. In addition to the Nissan lineup, Mitsubishi has its revived Ralliart model for the event. The teaser for it only shows a closeup of the rear bumper that has a diffuser and ribs of red lights. The lack of an exhaust in the image suggests the model might be an EV.

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