Bentley’s Mulliner division isn’t short on customization options. With countless choices available, the brand’s bespoke creators can craft nearly anything for any customer. If the endless choice is a bit too much, then the company does offer special design collections, with the latest, the Bentayga Outdoor Pursuits Collection, celebrating some of the UK’s more traditional outdoor activities.

Mulliner designed the Outdoor Pursuits Collection to highlight the UK’s enjoyment of angling, horse riding, and dog walking, with each of the three featuring exquisite luxury touches. Each includes a woodland embroidery scene, a unique chrome overlay, and more. The Bentaygas also receive a new woven wool finish throughout the interior, which finds its way to the inside of the doors, the seatback pockets, the grab handles, and the instrument panel detailing.

Gallery: Bentley Bentayga Outdoor Pursuits Collection

Passengers will get to enjoy Sand Herringbone Tweed inside along with the bespoke inlays that are available. They include can depict a jumping horse, a fly-fishing scene, British foxhounds, or simply “Mulliner.” The Outdoor Pursuits Collection Bentley also includes a bespoke accessory – a Hunter Flask that’s finished in the same leather as the interior. Liquid Amber straight grain veneer trims the fiddleback eucalyptus veneer on the fascias and waistrails.

On the outside, Bentley gives the special Bentayga 22-inch ten-spoke alloy wheels that match the exterior paintwork. At the same time, the SUV will greet those approaching with LED Bentley Welcome lights and illuminated treadplates. There are three exterior paint colors: Havana, Cumbrian Green, and Magnetic.

A near-endless number of customization options can lead to a near-endless number of special edition models. In March, Bentley announced the Bentayga Mulliner would have 27 hide and stitching colors, more than 100 different veneer options, and 26 exterior color choices available, allowing for hundreds of different combinations. Bentley plans to produce just 11 Bentayga Outdoor Pursuits Collection models, which are only available to those in the UK.

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