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Ford of Europe has finished its special gaming road trip, during which the automaker made more than 30 charity visits and over 1350 disadvantaged children happy. The charity tour was possible thanks to a highly modified Transit bus that was turned into a mobile gaming station. Ford’s own Team Fordzilla esports squad was also involved in the project, giving the Transit the Vanzilla moniker.

The van - likely a diesel-powered European specification Transit - was equipped with accessible gaming stations and a wheelchair lift to help children with limited mobility join the fun. The company’s Fordzilla team was on hand during the visits to share tips and tricks and help the little gamers and encourage them to explore the gaming world.

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“The inside is amazing. You get a proper buzz from it – it’s almost like real-life racing,” one of the Vanzilla’s visitors in the United Kingdom explains. The campaign supported 22 different charities and visited 13 cities across France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. The Transit gaming tour also made a quick appearance at the premier UK gaming festival Stackfest.

What is usually a cargo bed in the Transit was equipped with gaming stations in the gaming van with controllers that are adapted to be able to respond to the different disabilities of the children. There is also an electrically foldable ramp to allow children with mobility problems to access the van. There are also two more traditional racing seats for racing simulators.

“We’ve been on the road as it were for almost four months in total. We started in Spain, and then we moved to Germany, France, the UK,” James Muggoch, Venzilla Technical Lead, explains. “Now we are back in the UK for a second one and this is the last event until Christmas.”

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