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Porsche wants to win the Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance race in 2023. For the better half of the 21st century Porsche has claimed an outright win at the Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance race but had to take a break in the wake of VW’s Diesel Gate scandal. Now Porsche is ready to enter into the new top-tier racing class at Le Mans called the Hypercar class. Porsche’s decision to enter into this class will allow it to once again challenge for the outright win at Le Mans and face the recent winners at Toyota who filled the power vacuum left by Porsche.

At Le Mans, there are two separate classes within the Hypercar tier of competition. First, there’s the LMH which is filled with cars specifically manufactured under the Le Mans Hypercar technical regulations that can compete. These FIA-managed regulations are said to leave plenty of room for creativity and allow for front axel hybrid systems.

Gallery: Porsche Le Mans Hypercar Prototype

Next, there's the LMDh that Porsche is competing in. According to FIA rules, in LMDh, entrants can purchase the race car’s chassis from an approved list of suppliers that includes Dallara, Multimatic, Ligier, or Oreca. The sponsor team must provide critical components like the internal combustion engine, the body, and the hybrid system which will help entrants keep down costs while still developing drivetrain and aero tech.

According to Porsche, “We are working all-out with our partner Penske on the development of the new LMDh prototype and collaborate closely with the chassis manufacturer Multimatic at all times," explains Thomas Laudenbach. "In January, we will begin intensive testing to ensure that we are optimally prepared for our 2023 competition debut."

We look forward to seeing the car in 2023 when Porsche returns to the top card at Le Mans. Until then, these teaser images will have to do.

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