The Bowling Green Kentucky factory where the Corvette is made was hit by a destructive tornado. During the unprecedented storms that struck the southeastern united states earlier this week, the automotive world suffered a huge loss as Chevrolet confirmed they will need to scrap over 100 C8 Corvettes. The destructive tornados that struck 6 different states on December 10, 2021, will go down in history as one of the deadliest weather events to strike the United States Of America.

Although the loss of these cars is quite sad, it’s more important to remember those who lost their lives. With over 70 deaths and billions of dollars of property damage, those affected by this mega-storm won’t soon forget its impact. Even multi-billion-dollar companies like General Motors couldn’t save their production facilities from this massive storm. GM confirmed that their Bowling Green-based production facilityand the Corvette Museum were badly hit by this storm.

The high winds caused a fire to erupt on the factory roof that could have been caused by a ruptured fuel line, however, this hasn’t been confirmed. Any car parked outside the factory is now being evaluated for damage before shipping to eagerly waiting for customers. Finally, water entered the factory, which was the main cause of loss since it affected cars in mid-production with exposed interiors and electronics.

GM isn’t taking any chances and plans to scrap any car that shows damage from this storm event. This means that production is pushed back, which will cause a massive ripple effect for those eagerly awaiting their new C8. This also makes the 2022 Corvette C8 even more interesting since it will surely cut production numbers and add to the story of this highly sought-after American supercar. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this storm and we hope for a strong and speedy recovery.

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