Earlier this week, Toyota and Lexus announced a slate of new all-electric vehicles that will allegedly arrive over the next decade. The company previewed 15 EVs, including two-door sports cars and a pickup truck, and more, that could become future products. One on display tucked in the back corner was the Micro Box, a compact and square urban runabout.

The Micro Box looks well suited for an urban environment where low-speeds and compact spaces are common, but the tiny electric box showed off more than a potential product design. There was a QR code located at the base of the car’s windshield. The folks at The Drive were able to manipulate the photo in a way that made it readable and discovered it works – check out the photo here, and scan at your own risk. 

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The QR links to the famous Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up” that has turned into an iconic internet meme. It’s a quirky, cute Easter egg Toyota didn’t have to include in the vehicle, but not everything needs to be serious all the time. The QR code’s location would make a great spot for a code that would link to a ride-sharing service that’d let you rent the car for a few hours in a city.

Sadly, we don’t know much about the Micro Box, or the other models Toyota revealed. The automaker was light on details, and it’s not like these are arriving next year. Toyota plans to launch 30 electric vehicles by 2030. Both Toyota and Lexus have ambitious goals, too. Lexus wants to go fully electric in the US, China, and Europe by 2030, with the ultimate goal of being a global EV brand by 2035. 

Toyota is investing $70 billion into its electrification efforts, with the goal of the two brands achieving 3.5 million global annual battery-powered EV sales. It’s ambitious and one we will watch as the company prepares it’s to launch the bZ4X, though many of the products teased this week could change before they enter production, if they are at all.

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