By now, you should know that we love motorhomes at We also love Lego, so you can imagine our reaction when we found this Lego motorhome. It's the best of both worlds, but as good as it looks on the outside, the inside will blow your mind.

First off, this comes from the LuxuryBricks YouTube channel, and it's not the only one of its kind. There are a handful of videos on the channel, each one featuring some kind of camper creation that makes us want to shrink to Lego size. This boxy overlander is the latest build, and before you ask where you can buy it ... you can't. It's a custom build, and it definitely exudes a major off-road RV vibe not unlike something we've seen from Torsus or EarthCruiser.

From the outside, it checks all the boxes for a big off-road motorhome. We have a cab-over design with a short front overhang for good approach angles. It's fitted with a grille guard, light bar, and of course there's a winch in the bumper. Along the sides you'll find storage compartments down low, but on the driver side, you'll also find water tanks and a generator in those storage areas. The roof is fitted with solar panels and an air conditioning system, and at the rear, there's a folding deck that creates a porch when parked at the comfy Lego campground.

Lego Camper Interior
Lego Camper Interior

That alone makes this build very cool, but then the roof comes off to show us a complete interior. By that, we mean there are two beds, a tiny kitchen, a dining area, and an enclosed bathroom. These aren't just spaces either; the kitchen has details for the stove and refrigerator, the dining area has a small bench and a table, and there's even a television on the wall. The bathroom has a shower head and toilet, but perhaps the coolest feature is the rear bedroom with two functional slide-outs on either side for extra space. Doors open, ladders extend, it has everything.

It's not a large build, either. This Lego expedition vehicle is scaled to match Lego figures, which makes it even more impressive in our eyes. We've already perused other videos on the channel, and you can bet we'll be watching for more custom Lego campers in the future.

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