Last week, we reported that Ford has closed the F-150 Lightning reservation lanes to make way for the ordering process, which is about to start soon. While we already know that the ordering process is set to begin in January 2022, additional information about the ordering process has emerged, thanks to a lengthy dealer document posted over at the Lightning Owners forum.

The document, which came in three parts and marked "Internal Use Only," appears to be a handy-dandy playbook for dealers as they foray into the ordering process of the electric Ford F-150.

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Moreover, the document also highlights how Ford will handle the reservation-to-order process, which we think would be painful. Of note, the Blue Oval received over 200,000 reservations for the Lightning – 70 percent of them are new to the brand. And as we learned previously, not all reservation holders will receive an invitation to place an order for MY22.

That said, those who reserved a Lightning will be contacted in waves as the order bank opens. This will be in a two-week interval until MY22 production capacity is fulfilled. Ford noted that the invitations will be based on a number of factors, including reservation timing, dealer estimated allocation, and dealer prioritization.

In relation to the latter, dealers that have a higher number of reservations will get more customer prioritization. For example, if dealer A received 50 to 100 reservations, it can prioritize up to 10 customers.

Invited customers whose desired configuration is unavailable have three options: they can either choose to maintain their reservation for a future model year, work with their dealer to modify their order for a different configuration, or cancel their reservation for a full refund. Ford notes that reservations may be canceled at any time and will entail a full refund.

Production for the F-150 Lightning will begin in spring 2022. There's a lot of information from the other side of the fence, thanks to the leaked documents. You can view them via the source link below.

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