Smart and audio partner JBL have transformed a 2015 ForTwo into the "world's smallest concert hall on wheels."

No less than 100 meters of cable and 10 square meters of insulating material were used during the process of turning a latest generation ForTwo into a boombox on wheels featuring 16 loudspeakers, 5 amplifiers and 2 subwoofers each having a 30 cm diameter.

Mosconi was in charge of providing the digital signal processor which can play a wide variety of sound formats such as wave, flac, lossless and mp3. These audio files can be transferred through A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) from smartphones and tablets running on Windows Mobile, iOS and Android operating systems.

With a total maximum power output of 5,720 watts, this customized ForTwo will certainly wake up the neighbors, but luckily for them the car is not for sale as it will remain simply a one-off.

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