Peugeot has disclosed plans to implement self-driving features on the next generation 508.

Speaking at the company's annual meeting, PSA Peugeot Citroën CEO Carlos Tavares revealed intentions to offer the next 508 with semi-autonomous driving features ahead of a future which will sooner or later include 100% self-driving vehicles. According to a PSA spokesman, the all-new 508 mid-size model is going to have hands-free steering and braking control capabilities for busy city traffic, highway driving and also when parking.

Little else has been revealed about the next generation 508, but Peugeot says it will be introduced sometime in 2017 and will ride on the EMP2 platform which has underpinned the 308 compact model. We remind you Peugeot chief Maxime Picat said almost a year ago the 508 could be replaced by two different cars, "one more dynamic, one more spacious and comfortable", with a decision to be taken depending on "how the market goes."

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