Toyota is apparently cooking up a new sports car set to be positioned underneath the GT86.

Sources close to Toyota from Japan cited by Motoring are saying the model in question will be powered by a four-cylinder 1.5-liter engine developing 130 bhp (97 kW) wrapped around in a body weighing just 980 kg (2,160 lbs). Toyota's Miata is codenamed "69DZ" and will allegedly have a design influenced by the 1965 Toyota Sports 800.  The final styling will have a lot in common with the 86 Style Cb pictured above so expect to see rounded headlights, a large front grille, an unusual "lump" on the hood, along with short front & rear overhangs and a curvy silhouette with flared wheel arches.

The 2+2 RWD coupe is likely getting both 6-speed manual and automatic Aisin gearboxes sourced from its bigger brother, the GT86. Interestingly, it is believed Toyota has hired ex WRC driver Tommi Mäkinen to fine-tune the model's handling.

If this report turns out to be legit, expect Toyota's baby GT86 to go on sale at the beginning of 2018.

Note: Toyota 86 Style Cub (JDM-spec) pictured.

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