Are you ready for a new "coupe" with too many doors and the wrong shape? If so, Skoda will unveil the Enyaq Coupe iV on January 31, 2022, as the Czech equivalent of Germany's Volkswagen ID.5 and Audi Q4 Sportback E-Tron. The electric SUV will have an important ace up its sleeve thanks to an impressively low drag coefficient of only 0.23 to beat its MEB-based sister models with their Cd of 0.26.

It prompts the Mladá Boleslav marque to claim its new EV will be the sleekest in its class. The zero-emissions SUV hit with the coupe stick won't have this drag coefficient across the lineup as only the most aerodynamically efficient configuration will bring the number down. That said, the differences are unlikely to be significant and we'd wager the other versions will still have the edge over the two MEB models.

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The more aerodynamically efficient body will translate into a slightly better range, which maxes out at 497 kilometers (309 miles) in the case of the Audi and at 520 kilometers (323 miles) for the VW, with both numbers based on the WLTP test cycle. Skoda has previously announced the most efficient version of the Enyaq Coupe iV will be able to cover as much as 535 kilometers (332 miles) before having to recharge.

For the sake of comparison, the conventionally styled Enyaq has a maximum range of 510 kilometers (317 miles) and a significantly higher Cd of 0.247. The upcoming coupe will be offered in "60" and "80" specifications with rear-wheel drive, plus a dual-motor "80x" version with AWD. There will be two batteries to pick from (62 kWh and 82 kWh) and three outputs (177 hp, 201 hp, and 261 hp).

Even though it will be a design-driven SUV, practicality won't suffer by much since the cargo capacity will only go down by only 15 liters to 570 liters with the rear seats in place. Rear headroom might suffer a bit, but nothing to worry about. Ironically, even though it's the "coupe" version, the swoopy derivative is actually going to be one millimeter taller (and four millimeters longer) than the standard Enyaq. Alloy wheel size will vary between 19 to 21 inches, and yes, there will be an illuminated grille for those who can't afford a BMW.

Following its world premiere at the end of next month, the Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV should go on sale in Europe in the first half of 2022.

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