Here's a surprise. It seems like just yesterday we were swooning over the new 992-generation Porsche 911, but we're already coming up on a mid-cycle refresh. Captured in two sets of images from our network of spy photographers is a single 911 Turbo that, at a glance, appears normal. However, a closer look reveals some design changes to the forever-young supercar.

Our primary attention falls on the front fascia. Porsche is fond of using black tape on black prototypes to hide details, and it generally works. In this instance, it doesn't hide the size of the large lower intakes, which appear a bit larger here.

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It also doesn't hide the active aero vents, which move to a vertical arrangement. In the center, modifications for onboard radar systems could be in store, and well, those round driving lamps on the corners obviously aren't production spec.

We see nothing different along the sides or at the rear, though more black tape is visible just below the center taillight strip in the middle. It's possible something neat could happen with the taillight, but it could also hide Porsche badging.

Porsche 992 Turbo facelift 5
Porsche 992 Turbo facelift 6

The camera also catches a glimpse inside this 911 test vehicle, where we see a familiar dash and center console. One thing we don't see is the instrument cluster; it's covered up and that suggests the 911 will get something fresh and modern, perhaps borrowed from the Porsche Taycan.

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We don't have any information about power upgrades at this point. If there are additional ponies under the big spoiler, it will likely be only a few. And since this is our first sighting, we probably have lots of time until an official word comes from Stuttgart. Odds are we'll see changes come first to the Carrera, though they might not be identical to the Turbo. In any case, 2023 is our target date for the refreshed 992 to appear.

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