If you've been following the latest series of Hoonicorn Vs The World, you know Ken Block is no longer the master of the infamous all-wheel-drive Ford Mustang. His 14-year-old daughter Lia now controls the 1,400-horsepower beast, and she's been doing pretty well against some very strong competition. This time around she's facing a car with barely half the Hoonicorn's power, so it should be an easy day at the office, right?

It's true that this week's challenge involves a race car packing 650 hp. It also turns just the rear wheels, and its turbocharged Honda engine only has four cylinders. It's called the 2018 Wolf GB08 TSC-LT, and if you know anything about the annual Pikes Peak Hillclimb in Colorado, you'll know this car has conquered the mountain multiple times. You may have also seen it previously on the Hoonigan YouTube channel where it raced (and won) in a This Vs That showdown. Apparently, when a car weighs just 1,300 pounds, 650 hp is all you need. So yeah, this is actually an extremely good matchup.

That is, it's a good matchup from a roll. Side-by-side in a heads-up 1,000-foot race, Ms. Block takes full advantage of the Hoonicorn's AWD grip and jumps to an early lead for an easy win. However, the Honda-powered Pikes Peak racer doesn't finish far behind, showing it's indeed very fast once moving. As such, race number two sees both cars launching even from a side-by-side roll at approximately 20 mph, and the result is very different. Lia loses by nearly two car lengths.

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Keeping things competitive, the final battle is another roll race but instead of launching from 20 mph, Lia sets a faster pace. The Hoonicorn's engine is clearly at a higher RPM for the start of this race, and the extra power gives Ms. Block a clear advantage. That, combined with a botched shift in the Pikes Peak racer, sends Lia and the Hoonicorn to another win in this fun series.

What's next? New races are dropping every three to four days, so expect more Hoonicorn action from the younger Block later this week.

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