Ferrari design director Flavio Manzoni has released several digital renders of a spaceship.

A project backed by Ferrari's design team, the spaceship envisioned by design director Flavio Manzoni represents an out-of-hours project fueled by his passion for science fiction. Naturally, the spaceship adopts some Ferrari styling cues and was transformed into a 3D CAD model by Guillaume Vasseur who is in charge of 3D visualization at Ferrari. The renders and post-production were made by Billy Galliano who also works at the Maranello-based marque.

The outer fins of the spaceship are reminiscent of the LaFerrari while the upswept tail fins are a throwback to Ferrari's track-only FXX K. The overall shape of the spaceship shows some influences from the special one-off 1970 512S Modulo concept but with a sci-fi twist worthy of an UFO. Needless to say, this is just a creative design exercise as Ferrari doesn't have any plans of branching out in this segment.

Ferrari's design director envisions a spaceship