For some of us, getting a car wash is either mundane or tedious. On the flipside, watching it is strangely therapeutic, especially when the car is caked in layers of muck. So if you're feeling a little bit stressed today and want to watch something to sooth your nerves, we have a video for you.

Today's video is brought to you by The Detail Geek. In this episode, they do a deep clean of a very filthy Ford F-150. It's caked in dirt and mud, so it's definitely due for a bit of a wash. Granted, the grey paint hides the dirt, but the truck is brown in places where it shouldn't. Nothing a power hose can't fix.

But this is a deep clean we're talking about here. The tires get a good scrub, and so to the wheels. The mud that's clung on to the bumpers and step boards are dealt with as well. Yes, even the inside of the fuel filler flap gets special attention, too. We haven't even started on the inside, either.

Yes, the inside of this particular F-150 needed a deep clean as well. While not as filthy as the outside, it still got a pretty good clean. Most of us would've been happy with a vacuum, but this is The Detail Geek channel after all.

As you'd expect, the truck got its luster back. The video is nearly 30 minutes long so you get to see just how intricate this clean-up is. Will it be enough to make you pick up a bucket and sponge? Probably, or probably none. Either way, it's pretty amusing and engrossing to watch.

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