Car has one electric engine in each wheel and runs up to 320 km with a 10-minutes charge.

Among those that understand the automobile more deeply, the future is seen as a vehicle with one engine in each of its four wheels and electric power. If these are the only conditions for the future, then we can say it has already arrived. And you may call it Lightning GT, the British electric supercar that has been presented at the British International Motor Show.

As well as Volvo ReCharge, which even uses the same engine supplier, Lightning GT has an electric engine in each of its wheels. This helps the car to have better weight distribution, but this is not the only advantage. The space that should be used for mechanical components, mainly under the bonnet, is free for other applications, such as a luggage compartment. Besides that, the Lightning GT does not need a differential, nor a steering box, even though Lightning Car Company has chosen to adopt one.

Although this new propulsion system may save the car some weight, the batteries needed to propel it could just make the advantage disappear. Not at all. First, because the body is made of carbon fibre and kevlar, lightweight materials that help the car be lighter. Second, the NanoSafe battery pack, which uses nanotechnology, is more temperature stable and, therefore, more efficient and light.

According to Lightning Car Company, a charge of 10 minutes can make the car run for 320 km. Long distance travels, if there is any plug around, should be easy with a Lightning GT.

Expected to be ready for sale in 2010, the British electric sports car will not be exactly cheap: the price tag has been determined at £150,000. Maybe too much for a car, but certainly not for a leap into the future.

700hp Electric Rocket Arrives: Lightning GT Debuts at BIMS