One model for a single market – the Lancia brand isn't exactly flourishing as an automaker, but that's about to change in a few years' time. The plan to sell cars outside Italy by 2024 is already in place and now, Lancia boss Luca Napolitano has presented its 10-year plan to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, reported by Automotive News Europe.

As a premium automaker under the Stellantis brand, Lancia is aiming for profitability instead of volume. Napolitano added that they are working on that end, along with finding the right benchmark. Apparently, that benchmark is Mercedes-Benz.

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"I don't mean we want to fight against Mercedes, that would be naive, but that is an example of what we look at," Napolitano told Automotive News Europe.

While not explicitly mentioned, it seems like Lancia's claim to benchmark Mercedes-Benz is to focus on electrification. The initial target is Europe, with Germany and France at the forefront of the offensive. That's because the move to electrification is the fastest in both countries, with other nations such as Spain, Belgium, Austria, and the Nordics next on the itinerary.

"Our aggressive electrification strategy and our focus on market segments which are very strong in Europe will help us," Napolitano explained.

Napolitan's strategy includes a target to have 100 Lancia selling points in Europe in around 60 cities. These stores will be shared with Stellantis brands. The Italian brand is also looking into fortifying its online channels.

"My target is to make it possible to buy a car with just three clicks," Napolitano told the publication.

Of course, what's an expansion without new models to be added into the Lancia range. A compact crossover will arrive in 2026, followed by a compact hatchback in 2028. Both vehicles will be fully electric. There will also be a new Ypsilon in 2024, both hybrid and battery electric.

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