During the years, we’ve covered many car collections from around the world - from official automaker ones to private collections with tens of exotic vehicles. But the one we are going to talk about here will blow your mind and we are not just using this expression to get you more excited. 

Our friend Shmee150 takes us on a tour around the so-called The Space DXB, the latest Dubai venue for supercars, hypercars, and exotic cars. It’s one of the coolest destinations for car enthusiasts in the United Arab Emirates and this lengthy video here gives us a look behind the scenes at some of the amazing vehicles displayed there.

The first room you enter into in this digital tour is the place where tens of Rolls-Royces are parked. There are a few limited-edition models and a Rolls modified by Mansory (always a sight to behold). But this exhibition looks almost like a cheap used car dealership in the suburbs compared to what the next room has. It’s difficult to even begin explaining what cars are in there.

Let’s say the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari are not the most exotic machines displayed. There are two Bugatti Divos, a McLaren Elva, a Ferrari Monza, and others. A number of special Ferraris, Porsche, and Lamborghinis are also there, as well as a Ferrari race car and a Porsche 918 Spyder. Oh, did we mention the boring part - a few heavily modified G-Classes?

Above everything in this room - literally - is a floating single-seat race car that can come down towards the ground for display purposes. There are also full-size race simulators based on actual race cars, as well as many car parts, a pinball, a table football, a glass tennis table, and many more cool items that complement the car collection.

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