Usually, when we receive images of prototype vehicles wearing a camouflage wrap, they're snapped on the fly by a spy photographer. While often quite good, those images can sometimes be lacking in detail and clarity. So when Polestar released an official, high-resolution image of a Polestar 3 prototype wearing just a camouflage body wrap, we knew it was perfect for creating a detailed rendering to preview the production model.

As such, our exclusive rendering of the 2023 Polestar 3 featured here is unofficial. But it's based on Polestar's official image, and with the camouflage wrap digitally removed, there's actually quite a bit to see. It starts with some curious symmetry at play on the front clip, with the intake on the lower fascia a close match in size and shape to the grille. Corner vents also bear some similarities to the headlights and housings further up, and the overall effect is satisfying if a bit dull.

Polestar 3 Close View Unofficial Rendering
Polestar 3 Close View Unofficial Rendering

Moving further back, a close look at the prototype shows something raised beneath the camouflage on the base of the doors, above the lower rocker. We interpret this as a strip of cladding, possibly the same color as the rocker to give the Polestar 3 a slightly rugged flavor. That certainly is a trend these days with SUVs that trend closer to the crossover world, and it doesn't look out-of-place on the Polestar 3.

Another trend is the floating roof, and we aren't just creating one here for the fun of it. The official photo shows a visible body line under the camo wrap in that area, and we've chosen to black it out as opposed to making it chrome. For that matter, we have all the exterior trim on our rendering blacked out, as that's also a hot trend with automakers. It could also be appropriate for the Polestar 3, as Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath calls it "a premium electric performance SUV that will define the look of SUVs in the electric age."

Polestar 3 Teaser
Polestar 3 Front View Unofficial Rendering

What kind of performance is he talking about? That's still a mystery, though we know it will have single-motor and dual-motor options. We also know it will be a two-row SUV, as its swooping roofline doesn't offer headroom for even a tiny third seat. It will also be built at Volvo's factory in South Carolina and share space with the XC90, which means it likely shares some components as well. However, Polestar promises its first SUV will be a standalone vehicle.

An official debut will take place at some point in 2022, likely as a 2023 model.

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