Icon 4x4 offers an impressive range of Ford Bronco and Toyota Land Cruiser restomods, and for folks who prefer something a bit more classic, there's the Thriftmaster pickup. This example of the company's retro pickup is what the company calls the New School Edition that adds some modern amenities without sacrificing the original aesthetic.

This truck starts with a 1952 Chevrolet Thriftmaster 3100 as the starting point. While the truck looks original, there are lots of neat touches. For example, the walnut wood that covers the bed uses the Japanese technique Shu Sugi Ban that preserves the lumber by charring the outside of it.

The body is Chalk White, which comes from Porsche. Black chrome trim really makes the color pop. The truck rides on 18-inch forged wheels, and the Brembo brakes are visible behind them.

Underneath the skin, the truck receives a complete overhaul. It rides a hand-built frame with four-wheel independent suspension and adjustable coilovers. Under the hood, there's a Chevy Performance E-Rod 6.2-liter V8 crate engine making 440 horsepower (328 kilowatts) and 430 pound-feet (583 Newton-meters) of torque. The powerplant hooks up to a six-speed manual. At the rear end, there's a Dana 60 nodular third member to add strength to the drivetrain.

"My favorite part is that our first New School truck can easily keep pace chasing down a modern-day sports car through a canyon, no problem at all," Icon 4x4 Founder Jonathan Ward said.

Inside, there's more black chrome on the knobs and even on the bolts. The upholstery is absolutely gorgeous micro-sanded top-grade leather. That material also covers the steering wheel.

The modern amenities are largely hidden unless you look for them. An articulating, one-piece panel in the dashboard hides the screen for a Pioneer 8600NEX sound system. There's LED lighting under the seats and dashboard. A reverse camera makes backing up a little easier.

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