Here's a rather unlikely showdown. Drag races typically don't take place uphill, but when the competitors are a pair of legendary Toyota off-road titans, things make a bit more sense. That's exactly what we have here in this showdown between the Hilux pickup, and the Land Cruiser SUV.

You might notice something a bit different about this Land Cruiser. We're used to seeing luxurious versions, but in parts of the world they are still offered in a very utilitarian format. That's what we have here in this UK-based comparison from Carwow, pitting a two-door short-wheelbase commercial-use Land Cruiser against a dressed-up Hilux pickup.

Toyota Land Cruiser
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Both vehicles have the same turbocharged 2.8-liter diesel under the hood, each producing 204 horsepower (152 kilowatts). However, the Hilux has a different tune which gives it 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-meters) of torque versus 310 lb-ft (420 Nm) in the Land Cruiser. The pickup also has an off-road advantage with a rear locking differential and an automatic transmission, giving it hill descent control which comes in handy for the other side-by-side race that comes later in the video.

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We'll start with the drag race, and on that front, you might be surprised. Despite its torque disadvantage and open rear diff, the Land Cruiser with its six-speed manual gearbox leaps forward and charges up the short hill with gusto, literally leaving the Hilux in its dust. It's a neat result, but in the off-road world, being first to the top isn't as important as getting safely down the other side. That's where the Land Cruiser loses, because the second side-by-side run is all about a gentle, controlled descent. Even in low range, the Land Cruiser can't match the managed slow-speed crawl of the Hilux.

Races are only a portion of this interesting Toyota off-road challenge. Both vehicles partake in tests that involve maneuverability, stability, and off-road grip in some difficult situations. Curiously, with all the points tallied the 4x4 family comes out dead even. Then again, with these two nameplates having such a pedigree of off-road capability, did you expect anything less?

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