Our idea of a first-world problem is walking into a Bugatti dealership and not being able to order a Chiron in the exact specification we have in mind. That shouldn't be an issue anymore for deep-pocketed customers now that the Molsheim-based marque is inaugurating a bespoke division. Wait, it didn't have one already? Apparently not, despite a number of one-offs and special editions released not just for the Chiron, but also the Veyron before it.

It's called Sur Mesure (French for "tailored") and paves the way for even more customizable W16 hypercars. Production of the Chiron is winding down as only 40 examples of the quad-turbo monster are still up for grabs, and only in either the Pur Sport or Super Sport specification. This retro-flavored unique machine is based on the former and takes after the Type 51 racing car driven to victory at the French Grand Prix in 1931 by Louis Chiron together with Achille Varzi.

Gallery: Bugatti Sur Mesure Chiron Pur Sport

Much like its forbearer, the Chiron Pur Sport by Sur Measure wears the "32" number, which has been entirely painted by hand. It’s just one of the many elements available through Bugatti’s high-end customization program, along with a hand-applied fading "EB" painted pattern and two fresh body colors derived from successful racing cars from the 1920s and 1930s.

The racing theme continues inside where the fancy multi-layered stitched "EB" motif adorns the door cards and the sills say "Grand Prix" in red to match the stitching and piping. In addition, "32" logos in the same shade have been embroidered onto the integrated headrests, while the center console boasts an inlay finished in black anodized aluminum with a hand-painted inscription in silver.

Bugatti isn’t saying how much this car costs, but it's safe to say the owner had to pay a steep premium over a "base" Chiron Pur Sport, which already costs an eye-watering $3.7 million. After all, the company is promising one-to-one support throughout the entire customization process "for those who wish to take a further step and create a truly unique piece of personalized automotive art."

Since we mentioned a first-world problem in the beginning, here's another one – the CPS returns only eight miles per gallon in the city due to its thirsty 8.0-liter engine making a colossal 1,500 horsepower.

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