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If there’s one aspect in which the German premium trio differs between each other, it’s the design philosophy. More precisely, BMW doesn’t seem to follow the same formula as its rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz with the Bavarians using a few different variations of its kidney grille front fascia. However, the company wants to unify at least the most luxurious part of its portfolio, which will receive a distinctive and bold design language.

BMW Blog reports the next-generation 7 Series, X7 facelift, and even the production version of the XM Concept will all incorporate front-end design elements that won’t be shared with other lesser models from the brand’s range. The design cues will be very similar between these three (or more, if there are any additional luxury models coming) vehicles, though they will remain exclusive only to the high-end series.

Gallery: BMW Concept XM

One such design feature that will be unique to the most expensive Bimmers is the new split headlight layout, which will make its debut with the next-generation 7 Series and the facelifted X7. Large kidney grilles and other unique styling elements will also be applied to BMW’s most luxurious models, part of what the company calls the GKL (Grand Klasse).

As for the models that currently have big grilles, like the M3/M4 and i4, it’s difficult to say how these will evolve in their next generations. However, a big change in the platform strategy is planned for 2025 and it may impact future designs in one way or another. The successor to some of today’s core models, including the 3 Series and X3, are probably still in the very early design phases and it's impossible to say what they will look like.

With the arrival of the Neue Klasse architecture, we might see changes in the design direction. This new flexible platform will allow for new variations of BMW’s design language and these could affect not only the marque’s top-end models.

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