Buick has abandoned cars in the US, opting to offer a range of crossovers and SUVs. They’re stylish vehicles with a design that can work well on a variety of body styles, though the Buick brand lacks a proper coupe at the moment. A new GM Design sketch provides a peek behind the curtain at what a modern two-door Buick could look like, and it has an off-road twist.

The concept combines off-road toughness and stylish sportiness into an attractive package. The overall design is reminiscent of the Local Motors Rally Fighter, though the Buick is much more refined. The concept has a sharp design line from the front headlight that arches over the front wheel, tapering down toward the rear quarter panel. This line makes it look like the car is ready to pounce, which is only enhanced with the raked windshield and low-slung greenhouse.

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Plastic cladding protects the large wheel wells and the lower door, giving the coupe its off-road Safari-like aesthetic. The low-profile tires look a bit out of place, though there is plenty of room for a chunkier set. The only indication this is a Buick is buried in the deep-dish wheels – the center caps wear the brand’s tie-shield logo. But you can see a bit of Buick elsewhere in the design. The sharp front and rear ends don’t look far removed from the brand’s current design direction.

The sketch also looks reminiscent of the Electra Concept that Buick introduced in 2020, which previews the brand’s new minimalist design language and electrification. The two have a raked windshield, a sharped-edge nose with similar shapes, and plastic cladding around wheels and lower body. There are differences, especially in the greenhouse shape, though the Electra concept is a four-door vehicle with butterfly doors. Those look possible on the sketch, too.

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