Basically, every Stellantis brand will go fully electric in the near or slightly distant future. Peugeot is one of the marques that will lead the transition towards zero-emission mobility for the international automaker, and it has just announced its plans to go all-in on EVs by 2030. For now, this commitment is only for the European market.

Peugeot’s CEO Linda Jackson made this announcement in an interview with Automotive News, also adding that for the international markets, the French company will continue to launch new models with combustion engines during the next decade. Every new model of the brand for Europe, however, will be fully electric from 2030 onwards.

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"As we move on to the new platforms, STLA Small, Medium, Large, by 2030 in Europe all of our models will be electric," Linda Jackson told the online publication. "But I still have to make sure I maintain internal-combustion offerings for my international customers."

Peugeot is joining other brands under the Stellantis umbrella that have previously announced dates for going all-electric well ahead of the European Union's proposal to mandate only CO2-free cars in 2035. These include DS, Alfa Romeo, and Opel, which will launch only fully-electric vehicles from 2026, 2027, and 2028, respectively.

The next scheduled steps in Peugeot’s strategy include an EV version of the 308 hatchback planned for a launch in 2023. There’s also a new generation 3008 crossover coming, which will also receive a zero-emission variant that will be produced in France. Currently, the brand has the 208 and 2008 available as electric vehicles with the former having a share of about 20 percent fully electric sales.

"The e-2008 is slightly less than the e-208, because it tends to be a first car, so customers are often looking to be able to travel long distances," Jackson explained. "They are trying to decide if an electric car is appropriate for them."

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